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I draw my imagery from the environment that surrounds us and how we make our own connections.  The intent is to follow the symbols, abstract and figurative to imply an image of how they intertwine and connect because as human beings we look for these connections.  My current body of work speaks to women awakening.  The work is created through a process of selecting subject matter and imagery such as objects and symbols that women have formed intimate relationships with and share collectively.  The function of the work is to invoke that “inner self” relationship with this visual imagery and take it to a new place.   The work communicates a new interpretation formed with familiar graphic imagery; a zone for the viewer to recall past connections, while establishing new ones within this channel or dimension. Another aspect of the work is to tap into essence of women’s change establishing testimony to the new woman being created.  I believe there is a freedom in this process.  The process propels me and perhaps the audience it captures.  BIO Deborah started as a muralist and received a grant for Women’s Art Institute Studio Intensive/MCAD(Minnesota College of Art & Design), where she was involved with the WARM- Women Art Resources of MN) since 2008-present. She was drawn to Sedona, after painting her rock imagery and started showing her work out in  at the Creative Center of Scottsdale, but soon as she fell in love with beauty of Sedona, and now resides in the Village of Oak Creek.(The artist donates her work to raise money for Breast Cancer Events, Children's Theatre, and Make a Wish foundation and Sedona Humane Society).

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